Five Countries Where Couples Dating Is Popular and Why


Couples dating is very popular in Western countries because changing partners and group sex can keep a boring and marital life alive. This casual dating can sometimes be a threesome, Swinger dating, and sometimes poly dating. Couples dating is the most popular of the following 5 countries:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Singapore

The five countries mentioned here are the most popular countries for couples dating. It is not difficult to find that these countries are rich in old developed countries. In fact, couples or unicorns that can be found in Singapore are more prominent than couples in the USA or Australia. In addition, the reasons for this type of adult leisure dating are popular in these countries.


It is not difficult to find that these five countries are capitalist countries with a sound market economy, and per capita, income and GDP are among the best in the world. Couples who are fascinated by the threesome, poly dating, and other special dating are almost all high-income office workers. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, when people’s physiological and safety needs are met, people will pursue the need for emotion and belonging. Sufficient wealth provides the soil for the growth of Couples Dating.

Hookup Culture

American Hookup culture encourages casual sex encounters, including one-night stand, Fetish, BDSM and so on. The pursuit of high quality, stimulating and high frequency of sex is also a characteristic of sexual culture. If there is a disharmony in sexual life between couples, it is difficult for Americans to compromise, either divorce or re-find their sexual partners. If the marriage time is long, the couple feels dull and boring in the marriage, so they look for some new forces and start to try couples dating. Adding a new style to the bed is something that couples feel very comfortable with. But these “new forces” are generally women. In addition to occasional family enthusiasm, there are many sexual gatherings in society. Many privately organized “raising parties” are aimed at sex.

Open Mind

For a century, Western countries have believed that education is an important part of respecting human nature. Humanity should not be bound by religious morality. As long as the couple agrees with each other, the appointment will not be considered to undermine the loyalty of the marriage.


Another important reason why Couples dating is popular in the UK and Singapore is that middle-aged couples have plenty of free time and money. A successful and wealthy couple has enough time to find the unicorn women or couples they want. And enough money will allow them to prepare a unique couples appointment regardless of cost.

Finally, all countries mentioned at the top of the list for couples dating is the place to be for both couples and singles who are seeking dating options. This means that under the same conditions, it is easier to find like-minded people in these countries.

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