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At Coupledatingapps, we believe that all couples and singles have the power to find couples dating. A more valuable, convenient and efficient couples dating method is through couple dating apps. We are full of confidence, our mission is Helping all lonely and lonely people who are looking for couples to achieve this goal. We focus on reviewing and writing couples dating tips for Couple Dating Apps. However, the opacity of the Apps market and the existence of fraudulent apps have caused many couples or singles to lose trust and expectations for poly couple apps. So, we were born, this is an opportunity for us and for everyone, we are very happy that everyone can find the best free couples dating apps by reading our review.

Our founding

The Coupledatingapp was founded in 2017 by 16 like-minded people including Bengio West, Matthew M Siebert, and Lawrence M Peterson. Our website is not profitable. Most of the articles are provided free of charge by the founders with enthusiasm and kindness. Most of them have rich dating experience. The dating types are a threesome, swinger, polyamorous and bisexual.

How do we review the Couples Dating App

We always believe that “practice knows the truth”, only through long-term testing couples polyamorous apps, can we know which is the most outstanding. We will test the app from 2 weeks to one month. The quality and quantity of users, membership cost, mobile-friendly, and customer service are the four criteria for reviewing the swingers couples app.

Quality and quantity

The average length of the message reply: The faster the response, the easier it is to make a date, and the better the user experience.

The proportion of user gender: We will eliminate the application of males with a percentage of 70 or more to avoid the appearance of “banana party” in App.

The number of users: This is the preferred factor in our review of the app. More users mean more embarrassment.

Regional: The Choices apps we choose cater to the following countries: the United States, Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Germany, France, New Zealand and most of Europe.

Membership Cost believes that the free Couples bisexual Apps can’t help you seek quality couples, whether they are rich, polite or considerate. But that doesn’t mean we support all paid apps unconditionally because the free Unicorn Couples app can still be found to be satisfactory. All the details will be reflected in the full review, you can quickly get the membership price and the free version of the permissions.

customer service (CS)

When you secretly love someone, you can’t wait for someone to guide you everything. Similarly, when you use a threesome couple app, it is better to have a dedicated customer service to solve all the problems for you, whether it is a payment problem, a fake user problem, or a BUG.

Privacy Agreement

At, we do not collect and sell any access data about you, we use cookies only for the Website Optimization Experience Program.

Our recommended couples apps have a legally-friendly privacy policy, and all personal data is only matched to the user’s website, including age, email, mobile number, gender, and region. And all apps support the removal of the user and personal privacy.

We welcome everyone to join us, whether you are an individual or a couple.

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