5 Couple Dating Apps for couples and Unicorns to find a threesome

In the past ten years, dating participants can be more than just single women or single men but also can participate as a couple. So we call these couples dating. Couple dating can be a threesome, swinging dating, or group sex. One of the most important features of couple dating is to share their wife or husband with others for the romantic hookup act, this is a kind of selfless casual dating. But the Internet is full of couples hookup Apps that trick money from users. Therefore, Coupledaitngapps.com reviews 30 couple dating apps fairly, objectively and rigorously. After analyzing the data, we found the 5 best couples dating apps:

1: BiCupid


Bicupid is amongst the most popular apps for bisexual hookup. The online dating scene remains largely dominated by heterosexual couples. Singles and couples’ dating apps like Bicupid are hence a ray of light amongst the dark abyss that is online dating for the LGBT community. Whether you’re looking for an exclusive relationship or just a hookup (with singles, or a couple!), Bicupid offers you everything. You will not find a lot of a couple of dating apps these days. However, Bicupid gives open-minded singles and couples the chance to explore their bisexuality. That too with 100% privacy and 0% judgment. So whether its love you want or a casual hook-up, Bicupid is the dating app you need to download!

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2: Adult Friend Finder

adult friend finder

What’s adult-ing without some casual exploration of your sexuality. A leading dating app with millions of users, AdultFriendFinder is perfect for singles and couples looking to hookup. With a huge user base, it offers you a large selection pool. This dating app helps you find a lot more than just friends. If you’re an open-minded individual looking to have some fun, AdultFriendFinder is the perfect fit for you. Harboring a community of swingers and singles, this dating app introduces you into a whole new world. Couple hookups, single relationships, one night stands, threesomes, AdultFriendFinder has it all. All you have to do is sign up, put in your preferences, and you’re set. Are you ready to become a real adult now?

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3: UnicornDatingSite.net


Hookups, sex, and dating made more fun! Amongst the thousands of dating apps currently swarming the internet, UnicornDatingSite.net is surely one of a kind. Designed more on a game format, this unique dating site allows you to get to know your partner in an exciting and fun way. You could be looking for any kind of sexual experience, from monogamous/polyamorous relationships to couple hookups. Whatever it is, it’s always more fun if you know the other person a little. Their preferences and kinks, your likes and dislikes. This dating app helps you do exactly that. In a way that sounds too formal neither serious, UnicornDatingSite.net helps you getting to know your partner. Using a trivia/quiz format meshed with the tradition date-night touch, this app allows you to set questions and rewards for your partner. The dating app also includes a real-time chat feature. One of its kind, UnicornDatingSite.net is currently the most perfect, fun couples’ dating app/games for couples looking to hookup.

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4: AshleyMadison

ashley madison

Ashley Madison is not your usual couples hook up or dating app. Amongst the many online couples dating apps, this is one of the few which supports polyamorous relationships. This dating site is for discreet individuals or couples looking for some mischief. The fact the monogamy can get a little monotonous is no secret. But there’s no need for you to ruin your relationships for that. Ashley Madison has a way out. So have an affair, add some spice to your life, and save your relationships. With everything from single friendships to couple hookups on the menu, this dating app is extraordinary. Particularly for people who are already in committed relationships, AshleyMadison is a breath of fresh air. Meet like-minded singles and couples, hookup, and have some fun. It’s not cheating if no one knows about it, right?

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5: ThreesomeApp


Threesomeapp.com.au is one of the most inclusive and safe dating apps to date. With members from 20+ sexual preference groups, this dating app is for everyone. Not only does this dating app give you the chance to connect to like-minded individuals, but this also gives you the option to make a couples’ account. Who said you can only get experimental without your partner? With options for polyamorous, polysexual as well as bisexual relationships and hookups, Threesomeapp.com.au is an open field full of diverse options. Breaking all the binary notions of gender and sexuality, Threesomeapp.com.au also prioritizes consent. While you have thousands of singles and couples to connect to worldwide, you can only do so if you both mutually like each other. So ready to explore your sexuality in the safest environment possible? This dating app is for you. All you have to do it sign up! More and more women today openly admit that they prefer dating older guys instead of those of the same age or younger. Sugar daddies of this modern-day are no longer the same with those of the earlier days as they are now more inclined to be open and public with their younger partners. This is also the reason why sugar daddy dating websites are now on the rise. The perfect example of such a te is none other than SugarDaddyMeet.com.

why couples dating apps are popular?

Gone are the days when people doubted about the effectivity of the couples dating app. As time goes by, the idea of using couples dating app to find a new partner online has been more acceptable. Although ones can still argue about the effectivity and causes of dating apps, more and more people turn to these apps to find their own happiness.

The dating app can be such a prevalent choice to help you meet people online easily. Here are the reasons why these apps are so popular.

Save time

As we know, looking for partners for couples hookup can be a waste of time if you are seeking it with the conventional method. Attending social gathering or your favorite club won’t give you such a solution. If you have been experiencing this, you will agree that people tend to be interested in saving their time over the complex thing. They have work or other core activities which mainly make them harder to meet new people with the same interests with them.

For instance, your line of job might not be like the other common folks who work from 9-5. you might have different hours so that it is not possible to attend a tea time event. So, the couples dating app will help you to find the couples hookup partner easily.

Meet the same-minded people

The couples dating app gives everything the users need to find their same-minded couples hookup partner. Many have claimed that joining with the dating site was the landmark of their life. Well, the reason is simple. You might not be able to find the same-minded people in your real life. But you can find it easily in the dating app. It is because the dating app has such technology which automates the database comparison and will quickly recommend your profiles to the appropriate members of the site. In other words, couples dating app helps you to find your perfect match in a much faster way

Easy interface

The interface of these apps is friendly and straightforward. The moment you install the app on your smartphone, you will be able to use it within minutes. The app is so intuitive so that you can be familiar with the platform on the same day you install your app. So, there will be no excuse when it is hard to find your perfect couples hookup partner.


It is not like the conventional way of dating. If you have been enough with the old-fashioned way, the couples dating app offers a much better solution. You don’t need to go out of your house, or office. You can make contact with your new friends easily with a tap of a finger. Everything will get easier after installing the app on your mobile phone.

Easy encounter

Do you want to get laid tonight? Here is another reason why people love to use the couples dating app. They can find new people online and get laid on the same day. You might have known the catch of the conventional way. People tend to be shy about what they want. But through an online app, they can reveal what they desire the most.